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        This law firm has successfully represented client in winning foreclosure cases, pushing the banks to drop and withdraw their foreclosure complaint, winning credit card disputes, negotiating credit card debts, state tax debt negotiation and settlement during the bankruptcy proceedings.

        While the types of debts are complicated and the grounds for debt disputes are more intricate, the resolution may not that many. When there may be left few alternatives, bankruptcy can be a good choice or might be the last option.

        Among the different choices and limitations, figuring out a way to better keeping current properties and discharge debts is compelling and needs expertise and time. This firm's knowledge and expertise can be helpful to reach your best benefits.

        Attorney's seasoned petition contains information of assets, debts, creditors, monthly income, monthly expenses and financial information. Depends on the case, the debtor may receive the benefit of an automatic stay, prohibiting creditors from harassing debtor or attempting to collect debts, making threatening phone calls, sending collection letters starting or continuing lawsuits or foreclosures, freezing bank accounts and garnishing a debtor’s wages.

        Debtor may consider many factors, such as who file the petition in the marriage, and how's future credit score? How much asset can keep? 

        The most types of bankruptcies are:

  1. Chapter 7

  2. Chapter 11

  3. Chapter 13

        This firm will resolve your concerns in all these concerns. Please call us at:


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