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Family law

        Family law practices involve cases before Supreme Court, Family Court, Surrogate Court, Civil Court, and maybe the city courts. As in most litigated cases, complicated family law disputes need more care and attention to not only the legal issues but also sensitive emotions.

        In addition to contested and non-contested divorce cases, sophisticated custody, and equitable distribution, we also do cases as follows,

  • Child Visitation

  • Child Support

  • Child Custody

  • ACS and CPS matters

  • Child Neglect Proceedings

  • Inter-State Custody and Child Support Matters

  • Emancipation Motions

  • Parental Alienation

  • Mental Health Accusations in Divorce/Custody

  • Name Change in Family Court

  • Adoption

  • Relocation of Children

  • Agreements Between Unmarried Parties

  • Domestic Violence


        We are aggressive, focused, responsive, and affordable in the Courts and before other impersonal bureaucracies. We have the skill and tenacity to protect you for positive results.

        We have appeared before the Family Courts, Surrogates Courts, and Supreme Courts and won most cases for our clients. We have handled the cases such as child custody, interference with visitation, alienation, relocation, domestic violence, and protective orders. We also handle post-divorce motions for enforcement or modification as well as hearings for contempt.

        Let us fight for you, even the simplest non-contested divorce needs experience, accuracy, and care. Please call us for a free consultation.

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