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Flushing Real Estate lawyer & law firm


       When you are facing complicated legal requirements and challenges, we provide sophisticated solutions. Our expertise will be always helpful to your current situation, no matter you are at turmoil, or in the joy of investment returns.

    ◦    domestic and transcontinental Real estate acquisition

    ◦    Residential and Commercial Sales, Purchases and closing

    ◦    Secured Lending and Construction Financing

    ◦    Residential and Commercial Leases

    ◦    Short Sales and Foreclosures

    ◦    Co-op/Condominiums transaction & Conversion

    ◦    Vacation

    ◦    Real estate interests in wills, trusts, debt resolution, bankruptcy, corporation disputes and investment strategies.

    ◦    Construction contracting, permits, development, and relevant disputes or litigation.

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