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Trust & wills

            A seasoned attorney can make difference in preserving/managing family legacy for generations, or tax payments to the IRS. Proper estate planning will always cross several fields other than one - elder law, estate tax and healthcare planning, wealth preservation, and business succession planning.

           This Firm provides caring, personalized service to meet clients' individual needs and goals.

           We provide estate, elder law, wealth preservation, business and succession planning, estate administration, employee retirement benefits planning, and professional practices:

  • Controls and manages your assets;

  • Provides for loved ones;

  • Nominates a guardian for minor children or avoids the guardianship for different reasons;

  • Avoiding probate process;

  • Reduces or eliminates any estate tax;

  • Picking beneficiaries in a will, or establishing trust and setting up distributed conditions, determining a selection of the trustee and means of asset management;

  • Achieving charitable bequests/plans in a lifetime or upon death, for a purpose of generating a stable stream of lifetime income, heightening investment yield but reducing your capital gains or estate taxes;

  • Extraordinary medical care consideration;

  • Manage your own affairs due to an illness, accident, or dementia;

  • Election of trusted family members or agents to manage personal affairs, and finances and make your healthcare decisions upon disabilities; and

  • Permits consistency, and reduces family stress in an emergency.

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