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Yuxuan Sun

Yuxuan Sun, our accomplished Paralegal with a wealth of legal experience. Yuxuan brings to our team a diverse background, having worked for two years in Chinese criminal law and over two years in the U.S. immigration field, with a particular emphasis on asylum and family-based immigration cases.

Educational Background: Yuxuan holds a Bachelor's degree from Northwest University of Political Science and Law and a Master's degree from Fordham University. Her educational achievements reflect her dedication to combining legal theory with practical application, making her an invaluable asset to our firm.

Professional Expertise: Yuxuan's primary focus has been on family-based immigration and asylum applications within the U.S. immigration system. Her extensive experience in these areas is marked by successful outcomes for our clients seeking reunification with loved ones and refuge. She navigates the complexities of immigration law and ensures that our clients receive the highest level of support throughout the process.

Bilingual Communication: Proficient in both Mandarin and English, Yuxuan ensures seamless communication and understanding between our firm and our diverse client base. She takes pride in being able to connect with clients in their preferred language, ensuring that they are well-informed about their legal matters.

Yuxuan Sun is at the heart of our firm's success, providing crucial support to our legal team and ensuring that our clients receive top-tier legal assistance. Her unwavering commitment, extensive experience in family-based immigration and asylum applications, and bilingual capabilities make her a trusted resource for those seeking immigration solutions.

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