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       The Xu Law Offices P.C. is a full-range law firm. Our law groups provide in-house counsel, litigation, and arbitration representation for clients both at home and abroad. The experience earned in long-time law practices provides us profound understanding of the laws and legal resources in a wide range of industries. We apply an interdisciplinary approach to reach positive results in entrusted matters other than direct single way, because we conceive every case may combine the application of relevant sector law with other sector laws. Such as real estate transactions may involve securities, trust, wills, partnership, corporation, and/or tax laws, or clients may have acquisition needs, financing requirements, etc.; or, as to intellectual property, matters may also involve shareholder interests, international operational strategies, distribution, manufacturing, and antitrust interests. 

       Such sets of thorny issues and legal challenges, from our points of view, also create opportunities and needs, requiring sound, diversified, and talented legal expertise, and thus lead to a more positive resolution. Always anticipating potentially complicated issues, we restructure dispositive solutions and protective legal services to achieve the overriding goal: to meet the diversified client requirements in a wide range of fields with integrity, courtesy, dedication, and expertise. 

       Our practice encompasses real estate, immigration, tax dispute resolution and negotiation, family relationship, securities, intellectual property, corporations, M&A, International transactions, and litigation.

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