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Mr. Li Xu is the managing partner. 

Mr. Xu has devoted himself to commercial law and intellectual property (IP) law practices for over dozen years. He has worked for wide-range of clients in large law firm and boutique law firms in the U.S.. He formed his own firm in Beijing in 1997 and has more than 30 satellite offices nationwide at the end of 2007. This working experience rewarded him with in-depth understanding of Chinese legislation and legal system. Mr. Xu handles trademark, patent, corporation, and civil cases around the world. He has totally helped individuals and corporations register over 20,000 trademarks, 5,000 other trademark applications, 5,000 patent applications and other cases in China, the HK, the U.S., Japan, Germany, EU, France, Italy, Japan, South Korean, Singapore, Thailand, etc., through WIPO or individual countries. 


Mr. Xu has helped clients incorporate or form more than 500 companies in the H.K., more than 200 in the U.S., the U.K. and other districts. 

Mr. Xu started practicing immigration law when he was in Beijing. Not limited to the EB-5 and other family or employment based visas to the U.S., he is familiar with the immigration laws of Hong Kong, the U.K., Canada and Australia. He continued the immigration law practice in the U.S.. 

Mr. Xu is experienced litigation advocate. He also has extensive experience in M&A, security laws, tax dispute negotiations and resolutions, matrimonial, real estate and immigration law fields. He is still qualified to practice law in China.


Admitted to New York bar.


Renmin University Law Department: LLB

Boston University School of Law: LLM

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